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Mixing single screw extrusion granulator

As a common extruder equipment, single screw extruder is used in the plastic raw material and profile extrusion processing industry. Usually the single-screw extrusion of the screw is divided into the conveying section of the extruder, compression section, metering section; according to the size of the screw diameter, pitch, depth to determine the effective length of the three sections, generally according to the 1/3 of division.

Polylactic acid (Polylactic acid,PLA), also known as polylactide, is a polyester polymerized from lactic acid. Polylactic acid has excellent biodegradability, compatibility and absorbability. Polylactic acid is a non-toxic, non-stimulating synthetic polymer material, its raw material is lactic acid, mainly from starch (such as corn, rice) and other fermentation, can also be obtained from cellulose, kitchen waste or fish waste as raw materials.

Degradable plastics refers to a class of plastics whose products can meet the requirements of use and whose performance remains unchanged during the storage period, but can degrade to environmentally harmless substances under natural environmental conditions after use. Therefore, it is also called environmentally degradable plastic.

Mixer for automatic friction, uniform force, rapid heating

The screw rotates in the same direction, and their forces can be balanced with each other, thus achieving a high screw speed.